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AYBAYOGAMy personal project

Every Monday and Thursday at 8 p.m. (2 p.m. if you are in the USA) we meet by zoom to move in community from the comfort of our homes.

It is an intimate and small community where we feel calm and safe. And we practice to connect with ourselves but feeling supported. 

If you don’t have much time, or you have children and life doesn’t get any easier, you’re an entrepreneur and you work from home, you’re embarrassed to go to a studio, you’re not doing anything and you want to start moving, you’re working from home and you have the closest studio very far, or you just want to try, I’ll wait for you on the mat.

Aybayoga is a personal project created to share all the good things that yoga brings me. When I started teaching, I did it in person in Miami where I lived, but when the pandemic arrived we all had to adapt to screens.

And it was there that I found a special way to create an intimate community where to share and live yoga from a calm and safe space.

Now I am teaching face-to-face in a studio in Alicante once a week and occasionally teaching private sessions.

I love teaching because it helps me grow. It helps me to maintain my own balance and to keep training constantly.

I am a yoga student before I am a teacher and I only transmit what I integrate. Teaching makes me learn more about myself, to know myself better and guides me in my own learning. Sharing the practice makes me grow as a person.

“We all have a purpose in life . . . A unique gift or a special talent to offer to others. And when we combine this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and joy of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal.” Deepak Chopra

What we do in Aybayoga?

Clase de yoga

Yoga Clasess

Start today the path to your inner peace through our clases

Clase de yoga

Mindfulness sessions

Let me join you on your best adventure. Make your dreams come true

Clase de yoga

Events and Retreats

The best way to immerse in yoga, make new friends, eat healthy and discover exciting places

What is yoga?

Yoga for me is not a”work out”, it is a “work in”, an internal path that teaches you how to get out the happiness that you already had within you and that is in every human being. It comes with you.

It is a way of life based on a firm commitment to the moral and ethical precepts of truth, non-violence and love, isn’t it wonderful?

The path of yoga is not limited to the series of asanas practiced on the mat. The goal of every practitioner must be to carry out a comprehensive practice that is transferred to all aspects of life.

On this divine path through the refinement of each of the eight steps described in the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali; the classical text or the central guide of all yoga practices, can one finally reach liberation.

The practice is a wonderful addition to daily life, where you deeply tune into your spiritual center on the path to find the long-awaited inner peace.

That is my sankalpa; my intention, to share my smile and everything that yoga has given me every day, to assist you on your journey love yourself more through finding peace and calm.

I would love to be a part of the change you will experience if you take the yoga path with me.

It requires hard work and discipline, but I assure you the difficult moments pass and the experience is memorable. Discovering yourself is one of the most rewarding experiences of this life.

Online Yoga Classes

Stay Tunned!

The perfect Yoga format if you are traveling, you can not go to a studio, to avoid the traffic, or simply because you like your home. They are live zoom classes, where I see you, I correct the postures, I motivate you, I give you love, and I am very interested in the evolution of your practice.

Advantages of Yoga Online:

  • When and where you want
  • Alone or accompanied
  • With yoga clothes or in pajamas
  • While traveling or working
  • If you still don’t feel comfortable in a studio you can practice without risk
  • You use the internet for something nice and useful
  • Online yoga classes for beginners and advanced students

Vouchers and Yoga classes

Commit to your body

4 Monthly Yoga Classes

40 $ Monthly

1 class/week monthly subscription. Unsubscribe whenever you want

2 Weekly Yoga Classes

75 $ Monthly

2 class/week monthly subscription. Unsubscribe whenever you want

1 Yoga class without voucher

12 $ per session

1 class on the day and time you choose from the available classes

Contact me for private yoga classes, group classes or any other query.

Book Your online Yoga Classes Now from here!

Also access my Yoga TV videos

Yoga Retreats

A luxurious retreats that will change your life

A yoga retreat is the best way to practice, relax , meet new people and have fun at the same time. You will get away from all the work and life stress. After all what happened in the world, you deserve a break in a safe and beautiful place. We will practice physical but not social distance.

If you are looking to have a luxury vacation along with numerous health benefits, amazing healthy food and new friends you are visiting the right place. Our retreats usually last between 3, 5 and 7 incredible days where you will learn a complete and personal yoga practice based on conscious breathing.

We always work on the empowerment of our students based on self-knowledge, as a healing tool. Make a parenthesis in your life, release the stress and spend some time in the most important thing in your life, you!

It will be a fun, enriching experience that will change your life and you will remember forever.

Contact me if you would like to join!

A little more about theAybayoga retreats

IBIZA Retreat 2022

This wonderful event will take place in Ibiza. We will gather to reconnect with our inner light. To facilitate this, I have chosen a magical space that will welcome you for five days dedicated to the practice of Yoga, meditation, and conscious nutrition. The healing energy of the sea and the warm and friendly climate of Ibiza, offer a high vibrational environment that will help us to reconnect with ourselves. The practice of “retreat” will allow us to silence those external noises of everyday life that deafen our inner voice.

I have chosen to collaborate with my great friend and excellent Chef Linet Paz “Liny’s Kitchen”, who will offer us her concept of conscious cooking through a culinary journey that will not disappoint you.

Let’s discover the happiness we already have through the recognition of our present and let’s Vibrate High!

With lots of Love,

Barbara and Linet.

Cabo de Gata Yoga Retreats

Enjoy a different yoga retreat in my wonderful country. Come and experience this fun post-19 life experience!!

Enjoy the experience for 5 days (4 nights) , detoxify your body and heal your soul in Spain.

Beutiful  people, the best food in the world, incredible landscapes and much more…. Get out of the stress and come with me, you’ll love yoga and… siesta ☺

See you in Spain!!

Detox your body  & heal your soul under the sun.

See how much fun we had in our last retreat!!!

October Retreat 2021

Are you fed up with the city, the noise, the masks, the news

From October 22-24 we are going back to Cabo de Gata!

It will be a weekend for you to pamper yourself a little, a great plan!

Sun, beach, good food, new friends and, of course, a lot of yoga!!

What are we going to do?

It is going to be a weekend different from the rest. You can try Yoga & Mindfulness t in a natural environment. So, if you have never had an experience like this, now is the time!

The goal is to do a little body-mind detox. We will eat tasty and healthy, and the menu will be vegetarian (that does not mean going hungry or eating lettuce 🙂

We will exercise the body and learn how to quiet the mind. An occasion to enjoy yourself and meet wonderful people in your same tune.


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